Lux Therapy is an international
RLT Innovation Center based in the USA.

How it All Started

Lux Therapy embraces an optimized lifestyle, and the idea that we can all live a healthier, longer life. - Tony Kovicak, Founder

What happens when you set yourself free from the daily grind and flee the proverbial hamster wheel? Well, you might find yourself trading suit jackets for bike shorts, pedaling across America, surfing in Costa Rica, and feeling better than you ever have. You might become aware of what prompts depression, fatigue, and weakness in your body. Maybe you’ll even find the inspiration to start a business to help others feel their best too. That’s at least how it worked for me. I experienced the power of light and it changed everything.

Prior to the aforementioned cycling and surfing, I did what everyone is supposed to do. I went to college, got a degree, found a good job, and worked – inside, under fluorescent lights, for hours and hours everyday. When I returned from my adventures, I knew something had to change. I didn’t fully understand what that was until I came across Light Therapy, then it all came together.

It’s kind of funny, but it took 4 months of biking, 6 months of living on the beach, and a single article on light therapy to clarify what my life was missing. I knew the information in that article was significant, but I had no idea my fascination would turn into an obsession that eventually led me to create what is now Lux Therapy. The journey was long and winding, but it resulted in an easy-to-use device that helps anyone experience the benefits of light. Plus, they don’t need to quit their job, ride across the country and move to Costa Rica to enjoy it.

The RLT 'Magic'
Red light therapy might seem like a trick because the “magic” isn’t easy to see without a microscope, but photobiomodulation is really changing lives. While it might be helpful to be a biophysicist to understand how light interacts with our bodies, you don’t need a PHD to experience the benefits. When I first started researching RLT I gave a device to my mom and her results were amazing. I observed how she incorporated red light therapy into her daily routine and it inspired me to bring this technology to the masses in a fresh way.
More Than a Device
Lux Therapy is about more than devices. We’re about helping our diverse users maximize their potential naturally. When a mom sees her device, she’ll be reminded to take time for herself. An Athlete will enhance his stretch and recovery session. The beauty professional can provide a little extra TLC to her clients when they can’t make it to the day spa. The grandparents can turn their nightly TV viewing into an arthritis relief session. Your unique wellness practice starts with Lux Personal.

High-tech, low fuss. User-Centered Design for seamless integration into your world.


Our Process

Market research and brainstorming
With an in-house design team, we own the idea and prototype for validation
We manufacture in our own facility, no outsourcing

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