USA Beach Volleyball Coach & Athlete

Andrew Dentler


VolleyBoost Head Coach & Founder


Andrew is a 32 year old Pro Beach Volleyball Player, coach, and health and fitness enthusiast. He loves competing and using his playing experience to help teach the next generation of beach volleyball athletes. He has a garage gym at home and enjoys working out to improve performance and stay fit and healthy. In his spare time, he likes to go on outdoor adventures with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys learning new things and listening to music.

Andrew's Passion

With Andrew being passionate about sport, health, and fitness; red light therapy makes for a great way to improve recovery and keep him going at a high level.
As a coach, Andrew focuses on the technical aspects of skill work, and always makes sure his athletes know why they’re being asked to do something. He believes if they know “why”, then they’ll have a deeper understanding of “how”.

Elite Athlete

As a beach player, Andrew has had the tremendous opportunity of competing on two professional tours, as well as competing internationally for the U.S.A. He was selected to U.S.A. Beach Volleyball’s Elite Development Program and continues to learn from some of the best coaches in the world.
How Does VolleyBoost Program Work?
VolleyBoost has carefully planned an After School Program which provides a great introduction to volleyball, lots of fun, and an active lifestyle.
What is VolleyBoost Coaching ​Philosophy?
We aim to build a strong foundation of volleyball skills, movement, and understanding. We believe an early development will help immensely in the coming years as they begin to play indoor and/or beach in a more competitive environment.
What is VolleyBoost Vision
On top of learning the sport and having fun, it’s very important to stay active and healthy. Today’s youth are less active than ever, with only one-third participating in daily physical activity. We value health and fitness tremendously and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge with the youth, and have for many years.

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