SYNC Digital Course Creator,
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Jenny Swisher


I help women sync with their cycles 𝙛𝙤𝙧 maximum energy.


Jenny is a course creator, podcaster, and hormone health guru. She helps women fuel and train in sync with their female hormone cycles so they can live with maximum energy and confidence and be the absolute best for those they love.

Jenny's Specialty

I'm passionate about helping women understand their hormones and menstrual cycles. Too many women are walking around with check engine lights flashing and they either ignore it, or cover it up with conventional modern medicine. I teach them how to get to the root of their imbalances, biohack their lifestyle, and live in alignment with their physiology.

Jenny Helps Train & Fuel Your Body in Sync with Your Female Cycle

Most women don’t know how good their bodies are designed to feel. Sometimes, working out and eating “clean” aren’t the only things at play for you to be your best, fittest self.
I Work With My Physiology Instead Of Against It.
A woman has natural ebbs and flows of hormones. There are times when your hormones are low and times when they are high, meaning that there are times your body is primed for fat burn or muscle gain, and times when it simply needs rest.
Fitness, Along With Proper Nutrition And Support
Since 2010, I’ve been running online support and accountability groups for people who want to get into the best shape of their lives. Most people embrace exercise, or even address their nutrition, but without the accountability of a Coach or a group of people helping them stick to their goals, they fall short. That’s where my Virtual Gym comes in.
Daily Motivation
In my Virtual Gym, I offer daily motivation, sample meal plans and grocery lists, health tips, and a group atmosphere where you’re bound to find people like you with the same struggles and goals. THIS is what makes these groups magical! It works if you do.

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