MBA & Holistic Nutritionist CNP

Megan Scrimshaw

Megan Scrimshaw

In the business 𝙤𝙛 making people feel amazing every day!


Megan’s journey from Canadian to Florida-based nutritionist has helped her combine her strategically chosen educational background with assisting clients who strive for optimized health. As a child diagnosed with scoliosis and having recovered from a surgery that corrected her spine, wellness and continued health are something that brings joy into Megan’s life every day.

Megan's Specialty

By helping a variety of patients in the health and wellness space, Megan increases the value she brings to her clients interactions. Megan brings a surgical focus to whatever team she aligns with and specializes in customized health and wellness programs for a variety of patients. With a background in both marketing/business development and media and over four years of experience working with production companies developing projects for TV & Film. Including accomplishments is producing two seasons of American Beauty Star, with host Ashley Graham, for Lifetime Network.

Bringing Health & Wellness Practices

Megan has a passion for embracing challenges and bringing health and wellness practices into her community. By utilizing effective graduate education and focusing on holistic nutritional practices, Megan continues to help clients, friends, and family live healthier lives.
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Industry Knowledge
With a vast network of associates that cross a variety of health and wellness spaces, Megan can leverage knowledge from a variety of wellness categories to provide optimized programs and plans for clients.
Wellness Optimization
Utilizing Megan’s past education and life experiences, Megan provides a unique perspective on wellness progression, and the ability to work through physical foundries.
Client Focused
As a astute listener, Megan connects with clients and provides a unique balance of life experience, and industry knowledge to help clients break through boundaries and improve total health and wellness.

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