Personal Trainer, Longevity Coach & BioHacker

Zack Loewenstein


The Pursuit 𝙤𝙛 Better Health


Zack's journey towards the pursuit of better health started like many others in their early 20's, in the world of bodybuilding. Quickly he realized that focusing on optimizing cellular health and prioritizing behaviors that promote longevity was central to feeling as good as possible. Zack became obsessed with learning information that could 'level up' his state of mind/health and helping others achieve the same.

Zack's Passion

By applying the knowledge he's learned in his own life, Zack's goal is to help others experience new peaks of existence through sharing dietary insights, world-class technologies, and lifestyle changes. Now he runs a state-of-the-art fitness and recovery studio called BioHack Studios helping people of all ages and sizes.

Longevity Lifestyle

Zack has a passion for finding the latest and greatest devices, insights, and perspectives to arm himself and his clients with the tools to optimize human health and performance. He enjoys surfing, listening to podcasts, camping, and being in nature with his friends in his downtime. Zack's natural tendency is to give people the tools to solve their own problems through clear communication. He is a natural communicator, coach, and teacher. He enjoys expansive thought experiments, learning novel information, broadening his awareness of what's possible and helping others achieve similar conclusions and/or states of consciousness.
Do it the old way
Go out side and take your shoes off. Try to eat food that existed 500 years ago!
Push the limits
Physically stress your body frequently: exercise, hot./cold, fasting.
Expose yourself to light
Light is a nutrient, treat sunlight like a multivitamin and artificial light as junk-food,

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