Intuitive & Tactile.

Navigate between pre-set functions with the press of a button. Select your preferred sound level and run time to customize your RLT session.


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Removable base.
Virtually any position.

Utilizing a custom hinge to hold any specific angle, Lux Personal is ready to work for you in any position you choose, wherever you want.

Adjustable Kickstand.
Made for you.

Set the perfect position. The collapsible kickstand allows effortless adjustment to target treatment areas vertically or horizontally.
Lux Personal multi-angle-kickstand-for-maximum-convenience


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Red, Infrared-Red,
or Both.

Utilizing 4 unique wavelengths 630, 660, 830 & 850 nanometers, this array has you covered for topical & deep tissue treatments.


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Patented Lens,
Accurate coverage.

Our Lux lens was designed to provide the most uniform light treatment on the market. The patented technology reduces light disruptions.

Light. Versatile.

Take lux with you. The integrated ergonomic handle allows quick transitions from floor to table or wherever life takes you.


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Go ahead, showoff a little.

Beautiful, to complement any room. Intentionally designed to be left on display, helping you prioritize your wellness practice.


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What's in The Box?


Travel Case

Hold all your light therapy accessories in one place, and use a travel bag to keep all your travel accessories organized. Made of quality materials, and designed to accent your sophisticated style.

Multifunction Base

Elegant stainless steel mirror finished based provides stability in a variety of angles & positions. However you want to use it, our base keeps you stable.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth ear buds, with capacitive touch buttons, helping you to focus & meditate during your red light therapy sessions. CE certified.

UV400 Glasses

Included classic wayfarer inspired sunglass, with UV400 protection.

Silicon Earplugs

Lux Buds custom silicon reusable ear plugs help block out the noisy world around you, and channel your inner champion.

3D Soft Sleeping Mask

Plush sleeping mask to block out light, and increase quantity of sleep. Foldable, washable and something you're going to carry with you everywhere.

Hand Pressure Clip

Accelerated the reUtilizing classical pressure message therapies, our pressure clip has been show to help with easing headaches and decreasing overall stress.

Multiple Tool, Door Opener

Sanitary door open to keep you safe and clean throughout your days and nights. Help reduce the spread of infections and disease.

Extra Base Screws

In case you ever missplace a screw, we've provided 2 extra for your convenience in case accidents happen.

Rope Hanging Harness

Ratcheting hanging mechanism to allow for infinite positioning on the back side of door or wall.

Door Hook

Over the door metal hook to securely hang your device on.

Cleaning Cloth

Soft touch cleaning cloth to keep your device looking it's best.

Integrates seamlessly into your life.

Optimize Performance

For many people eager to look and feel healthier, the secret is red and near-infrared red light therapy. Hundreds of medical studies have demonstrated the powerful benefits of red light therapy.

Enjoy Improvements with Infrared Red Light Therapy


Improves Skin Health

Minimize scarring, age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.

Hair Growth

Improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia.

Promotes Wound Healing

Stimulates regeneration in tissue and collagen to increase healthy latticed cell growth, which helps minimize scar appearance over time.

Improves Joint Health

Increases Intercellular Blood Flow to improve joint health.

Treats Back & Neck Pain

Increased Blood Flow, but with reduced biochemical markers and oxidative stress.

Improves Skin Tone

Promotes healing with anti-inflammatory capabilities and decrease the visibility of acne scarring.

Reduces Scars

Accelerated the repair of wounds by reducing inflammation and increasing tissue formation.

Carpal Tunnel

Alleviate pain by relieving pressure around the median nerve.

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