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Designing is not intended for talented people. It’s for everyone. What you need to do is just to open up your mind to all possibilities.

Cindy Lims
Cindy Lims

Never stop learning. Consider yourself as a life-long learner and try your best to learn as much as you can, you definitely will succeed.

Lannie Paner
Lannie Paner

You can’t succeed if you just do what others do and follow the well-worn path. You need to create a new and original path for yourself.

Frankie Kao
Frankie Kao

“I’ve really enjoyed the meditative properties of using Lux. After getting a bad poison ivy rash, daily sessions of light therapy cleared it up in just a few days. It’s like bring all the benefits of sunlight into your home, without any harmful UV rays”

Jack Carrier

Every golf season comes around, old injuries from motocross (wrist) flare up, and Lux has helped me transition into this season with a lot less aches and pains. I also had a micro-skintag on my eyelid that was going to require surgery, but within a month of using the light, the growth/blemish is gone.

Matt Shaefor

It’s amazing to witness how my body is responding to this therapy. I’m an avid cyclist and I ride year-round in all of Michigan’s harshest weather. Windburn can be a major setback, but when I use RLT my skin recovers fast. Even when I catch poison ivy while I’m out hunting with my beagle, RLT fights the rash and keeps me out of the emergency room. Thanks Lux!

Mark Kovicak

“I’m always trying out new supplements, workout routines, diets, etc to learn what really works. When I first used Lux Personal I was hoping it would clear up my completion, which it did, but what blew my mind is how it eased my post-workout soreness and helped me sleep. GAME CHANGED. Once you go Red Light you can’t go back! Love it.”

Katie Kelly

“Within the first week, I noticed it. I could tell it right off the bat. My breathing, the swelling in my hands, my gosh that was a big plus for me! At night, I just use it. There ain’t nothin’ to it!”


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